Ubuntu updating video driver

Posted by / 30-Sep-2020 00:41

Ubuntu updating video driver

It can be run using either the shell CLI (command line interface) in a the terminal or using its GUI (graphical user interface).Not only will it generate a new ISO but it will also produce a log file which includes the options used when respinning the ISO and serves to document the respun ISO.

a USB) as it can be specified as a location different to where the script is run from.

To solve the limitations of using a standard ISO I developed a script that allows an ISO to be respun and customized ("remastered") to create a new ISO.

Being a script which you run locally it means you can both see and control how your ISO is respun.

The script offers the ability to: ' and works with all official desktop 64-bit Ubuntu ( and Ubuntu flavoured ISOs (https:// Linux Mint ISOs (https:// KDE neon ISOs (https://org/download), elementary OS ISOs (https://elementary.io), Peppermint OS (https://peppermintos.com/) and Back Box Linux (https://backbox.org/).

And whilst Kali is not directly supported the Kali Metapackages (https://org/kali-metapackages) can be added when respinning an ISO.

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Further complications were caused by the initial lack of 'mainline' support for HDMI audio and wifi/bluetooth resulting in either the need for custom kernels or for one of the more recent 'mainline' kernels.