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Cd dating fairbiz biz  meditation service

First asks the right questions, and there are no wrong answers.

Subsequent volumes in the series will include similar explorations on analog modular synthesizer, harmonica, sitar, computer, voice and electric guitar." - Fabrica.

This is due in part to a workmanlike, low-profile approach to recording and releasing music, despite time served in the mighty Skullflower.

And then theres the music itself: unpolished, unsettling, a history of textures divorced from any linear notions of progress.

Prolific as Culver has been, "Gateshead Graves" marks only the third instance of Lee filling 24 inches of grooved real estate on his own (after the obscure "Route of Aesthetic" lathe cut and the oddly elusive "Dead Winter Blood" LP).

Organic, soulful, melancholy and uplifting, Civil War Songs is protest music made for these times.Limited edition of 200 on black vinyl with hand-numbered insert." -Fabrica."Fabrica Records announces the first volume in the Same Animal, Different Cages series by American composer and improviser David First.Volume and isolation recommended for an appropriately immersive experience.Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering (Grouper, Sublime Frequencies, Mississippi Records).

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