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This would include such things as recent births, marriages and deaths.

In some ways, Swedish household examination books serve as a basic form of census for the country (the Swedish Lutheran Church actually was the formal census taker for the country right up until 1991).

Een gezonde lange haardos is een benijdenswaardig goed. Ben je vrij groot en houd je ervan om met je haar bezig te zijn? Ontdek hoe de sterren hun prachtige lange haar stylen.

Vrouwen kennen vele kneepjes om hun look te veranderen door een nieuw kleurtje, make-up of kapsel.

Elke maand tonen we jou vijf verschillende looks van één ster.

Deze maand viel ons oog op de vijf looks van Hilary Swank. We verwachten niet dat je elke dag urenlang de badkamer blokkeert om er goed uit te zien.

According to My Heritage, this newspaper collection is exclusive to their website.If you are looking for Swedish ancestors who emigrated from the country, these household examination books can be a vital tool in narrowing down the window when your ancestors left the country (by determining what year they were no longer listed in the examination books).Most people are familiar with searching the Swedish household examination books through Family Search, which is free (here is the link).This collection can be searched by first name, last name, school, year, location and keyword. [US Yearbook Collection] US – My Heritage has added a large collection of historic Indiana newspapers.This new addition consists of some 1 million pages across 44 different Indiana newspapers.

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The records in this collection span the years from 1890 to 1979.

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