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Christian gay hiv positive dating

Recently, it’s been hard for me to get into reading the Bible, but on December 1, I felt compelled to read the tale of Jesus healing a group of lepers in Luke.

It seemed appropriate, after all, given that it was World AIDS Day, an international day of awareness around the continuing damage and death HIV/AIDS reaps.

I’ve found myself growing more skeptical of the church’s concern for HIV-positive people since my diagnosis, and I’m not sure how to remedy that.

I don’t believe there will be a cure for HIV in my lifetime. But when I think of what Jesus meant when he said that the faith of the lepers made them well, I’ve started coming back to, of all things, a verse from the Holy Book of Lady Gaga: “If I can’t find a cure, I’ll fix you with my love.”On the days when I feel unclean, I remember that line, and I’m grateful, because I am being fixed by the love of others. Pr EP is a once-daily medication for sexually active adults with a high risk of contracting HIV. If you are interested in Pr EP, talk to your doctor today.

In the same way that leprosy was seen as a spiritual ailment, AIDS was (and in many places still is) viewed as God’s punishment for homosexuality, as the wages of sin.

Even in LGBTQ-affirming Christian spaces, there’s a silence around the topic of AIDS — thanks to stigma, respectability politics, and good old purity culture — that prevents me from feeling okay sharing my status.

When the doctor called and asked me if I was sitting down, I knew I had something.

Even then, it didn’t feel real when she said I had HIV.

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I was faithful before my diagnosis, and I’ve been faithful since, so what does that say about my faith? Honestly, medicine can’t even cure me, so what good is faith going to do?