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“We need like-minded men and women to meet and procreate so that we can breed more pureblood children.

It’s the only way we can effectively win the race war and build a white utopia.”At press time, Rhinedr had approximately 200 men and one woman using the app.

When a user finds someone of interest, they swipe to the right.

If a user is not interested they simply scream, “Antifa scum” to permanently hide the other person’s profile.

And, like you said, the initials [Ne-Yo and Crystal recently got each other’s initials tattooed on their ring fingers] and everything – they hot and heavy over there. I have wished him the best and everything, I still do, and I felt like it was time, you know.

It’s definitely time for me to meet her, get to know her, well start to get to know her, and that’s what I did.

I like him, but I do have kids, you know, everything with me is going to happen slower just to make sure.

The interview also talks a good deal about Shaw’s business endeavors which include a children’s book, a jumpsuit line and she’s working on a book about co-parenting as well. You probably know some couples who've paired off after meeting on a matchmaking website. But if you find the idea of meeting a potential soulmate from the internet IRL unsettling, oh boy, do I have a tale to spin for you.It's about a 36-year-old fella named Chris Cantwell, who let prospective partners visiting his Ok Cupid profile know he's "interested in getting married and having children." The would-be family man is also a bona fide TV star after being featured in a Vice News documentary earlier this month.Actually, it was all good – pleasantly surprised.”“Honestly, we haven’t gotten an official word, but since we were a franchise, you know, we’re just all under the assumption that, unfortunately, we were not going to come back as well.But, like I said, we haven’t gotten any letters or anything, so no official word, so we’re still hopeful – definitely me because I need to tell the other side of my story.”“I’m dating the same someone [as the last time she and I talked], but let’s not get too happy, but I’m seeing other people – it’s not anything serious.

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The lone woman reported that she was going to delete the app, having received a near constant barrage of photos of erect penises with the caption “Sieg Heil baby.”Fischer admitted adoption has been slow, but said he hoped the president’s dog whistle Twitter rants might convince more people that being filled with irrational hate does not mean they shouldn’t also find love.

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