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Feel free to experiment on the described methods as you see fit.

Interpolation basically means: “calculating what should be in between”.

So If you use Twixtor frequently, it is very important to have a feel for what kind of scenes would be impossible or simply too much work to make them look ok.

Therefore, let’s try to understand what gives Twixtor a hard time in general terms.

Since 2013, I regularly get questions about how motion interpolation using Twixtor works, and I have repeated myself so frequently that one day 2 years ago I just published one of my answers. And I still get questions frequently, for which I then have to link them my explanation while feeling bad about it, as badly written and outdated it is.

Other Twixtor tutorials are popping up on You Tube, but sadly most of them mostly gloss over some of the most important details when setting Twixtor up, and even get them wrong most of the time.

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