Filenet capture statistics not updating verifying and validating the solutions

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Filenet capture statistics not updating

The scanner will recognize each barcode as a document separator and route all 25 documents to your inbox within File Net. By default, the MFD's have been configured to scan one-sided pages.

Therefore, if your document contains information on both sides, you will need to change the setting on the MFD.

The Help Desk will escalate your request to the appropriate person.If you use pencil, you will have to adjust the scan density on the MFD each time you scan a document that contains pencil.To save time, you may want to use an erasable pen instead of a pencil.File Net is an Enterprise Content Management software platform that is owned by IBM.Yale has licensed a cloud-based version called KCOnline.

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When you are ready to ship the retrieved box back to Century Storage, contact Rebecca Brandriff at the SBC to schedule a Century pick-up.

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