Furry dating yiff

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Furry dating yiff

This send him into a deep depression as he took up drinking to drown the pain but with some help from his close friend, Lucius Fox (who is the CEO of Jason Enterprises as he also had the "Midas Touch" that was a ability to turn failing businesses into successful conglomerates), he was brought out of his depression.

He could not in good conscious follow such an ineffective path.

I've never been able to make one myself - the Pazoo Pack that i made not too long ago was a simple 1x1pack, that didn't generate much success.

What i was thinking: Armor that relates to a certain Furry type, such as Leather for Regular Furries, Chainmail for Scalies, Iron for Feathers', Gold for Otherkin and Diamond for Hardcore Furries Weapons that are similar to the type of Natural weapons, such as Wood is Animal Claws, Cobble for Reptillian Claws, Iron for Talons, Gold for Dragon Claws and Diamond...

Eye colour: Blue Skin/fur/etc colour: Baby Blue with some Dark Blue.

Tattoos: Small Pot Leaf on middle finger Piercings: Tongue, Septum, guaged ears.

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Gender: Genderfluid (F)Species: Cat/Neko Age: 18Sexuality: Homoflexible Religion: None Relationship Status: Dunno...