Dating emotionally unavailable man

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Dating emotionally unavailable man

This is a question I get asked a lot and one that I’ve struggled with for years because I kept complicating a natural detection process that was stupid simple.I kept getting in my own way, going over speed bumps at 100mph, and wondering why my suspension was f*cked and I couldn’t stand on both emotional feet.There’s no being convinced that he can go find better because his ACTIONS don’t motivate your mind to go to those places of fear and insecurity.When you’re with a guy that has emotional connectivity and availability, you feel safe, secure and at ease in the relationship.ALL of those are great things to have and achieve, but they aren’t prerequisites to emotional availability. Here is the only (& easiest) way to know if someone is emotionally available: You’ll know someone is emotionally available if your relationship with them is easy. When you’re in a relationship with someone who’s emotionally available, there’s no questioning, no anxiety and no mortal combat mind games.There’s no guessing; no wondering how he feels or what he’s thinking.You let go of expectations and you put an end to the perpetual disappointment.

I was also able to contribute to my own confidence and ultimately become my own emotional gatekeeper (I’ll talk about my own emotional unavailability in another post this week), because remember – like always attracts like.Then i went for a trip for 2 months and wasnt telling me i miss you as much etc.then i told him about the moving in but said that we had reached a dead end.I know I talk a lot about emotional unavailability here on PMS – how to spot it and how to understand it – but what about how to tell if he’s emotionally ? How about being able to spot emotional availability in friends, coworkers and family members?Just like with empathy, being emotionally available is the ultimate game changer because if you’re with a guy that’s at best emotionally constipated and at worst, emotionally bankrupt, you’re in “SOS-abort-mission-now,” relationsh*t territory.

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