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Liquidating a limited company

If you need to make a decision about how to close your limited company in Ireland and would like to discuss your options in more detail please contact David at : [email protected] lo-call 1890 256733.

In general, if the company has assets that can be sold, the liquidator’s fee will be charged as a cost of the liquidation – payable out of the proceeds realised.

Compulsory liquidation is a situation when Bolagsverket or the court has decided that a limited company must go into liquidation.

This can happen if the limited company has failed to fulfil its obligations such as filing the annual report to Bolagsverket or having an incomplete board of directors.

Liquidation (likvidation) is the process of winding up a limited company by selling its assets in order to pay its debts.

Possible surplus will be divided among its shareholders.

The shareholders may choose to start the process at once, at the date of the general meeting, or at the latest the last day of the financial year-end.

A liquidator (likvidator) is the person in charge of the closing process.

The voluntary strike off procedure is relatively straightforward and inexpensive and thousands of voluntary strike off’s are performed in Ireland every year.It takes at least seven months before a liquidation process has been completed.We will strike off the company when the liquidator has submitted an application for completion with a final report on the liquidation process.Court Appointed Liquidator – a third liquidation process comes in to effect when a creditor believes the company to be insolvent and that the ability of the creditor to recover its debts are being adversely affected by the company continuing to trade.In such cases a liquidator is appointed through the courts.

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Once the process has been completed the company will be struck off the company register and cease to exist.

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