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Mature 10p sex chat lines

Last months article about the new industry dairy promotion campaign and the innovative Department of Dairy Related Wholesale Affairs prompted a flurry of supportive emails, especially regarding my observations on vegan groups and the rise in popularity of non-dairy alternative drinks and products.But in all seriousness, the vegan movement has been ignited by social media, which they have capitalised on.

There is never any real milk in the fridge, only soy milk, oat milk or almond milk.Go vegan plus Milk is unhealthy plus Now Jo Public is waking up to the darkest parts of dairy farming plus Drinking coconut, almond and soy milk is better for you than cows milk, and finally Drinking cows milk causes osteoporosis, blocked arteries, cancer and contains pus and hormones.The anti-dairy groups are not going to disappear and will mushroom.They also have 144,000 followers on Instagram for their attention grabbing vegan recipes. Another said Thats a brilliant article I immediately sent to my sister in London.Although not the target age bracket shes in the 200 grocery spend/week but only spends under 5 on milk and other dairy, which racks me off and causes arguments.

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This means the industry has to fund one central science-based organisation to respond to the anti-dairy claims and to responsibly strive to correct the misinformation and to counter the negative discussions, especially given the fact most revolve around animal abuse.

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