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"We're trying to teach young people what the First Amendment is all about and that can and should happen in the student media organization," he said.

"The editor of a local paper would never submit a story to the mayor for approval."That's exactly what's taking place here."Hiestand, who has been in contact with the Plainfield students, said his organization is still considering how to respond.

"The JEA Board of Directors not only supports the students and advisers, but it commends the students’ reporting and coverage of issues important to teens," the statement said.

"The content is not only real and relevant to students, it is also journalistically responsible because it covers a wide range of viewpoints and topics and attributes material to sources."The students’ reporting does not sensationalize the topic."While the district has said that additional oversight will protect the students, Mike Hiestand, legal consultant for the Student Press Law Center, said this kind of review is the first step toward censorship."Prior review is the gateway drug to censorship," Hiestand said.

He has also served as a personal chef to acclaimed New York restaurateur Keith Mc Nally.

“People are drawn to me because they find me to be really unique and interesting, and that’s why Jake was my friend,” Fischer told in June.

Sabrina Kapp, spokeswoman for the district, said the school board hasn't scheduled any special meetings since a disciplinary hearing for publications teacher Michelle Burress scheduled for Oct. Burress is still teaching, Kapp said, but she'll no longer be the only adult to see her students' work before its published.

Principal Mel Seifert will review the topics the magazine staff plans to cover and may read through articles or issues before they're printed.

An unidentified source has confirmed to US Weekly that they are dating, while People reports that Schumer’s rep hasn’t commented about whether the relationship is, in fact, romantic.

Fischer has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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"School officials do have the right to make sure the publications are appropriate for students," Kapp said.

Legally, that's true, said Ryan Gunterman, executive director of the Indiana High School Press Association.

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In doing so, it devalues the students' journalism education and strips Burress — the district's 2017 Teacher of the Year — of the respect and trust other teaching professional in the building enjoy.

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