Jill scott dating lamman rucker 2016

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Jill scott dating lamman rucker 2016

Connie still loves Avery, but she's very much like Jill Scott's character in Why Did I Get Married?and Rucker is playing the same role as he did in that movie.

Jones) of his wife Sheila (Jill Scott) shows up on the trip.The back row would still think she was over-acting. Even Perry, who’s relatively-inexperienced playing characters other than Madea, would admit that a project isn’t doing so well when he gives one of the best performances in it.Only Scott and Leal find the occasionally believable note. ” There’s not a strong-enough performance to balance Perry’s melodrama with something relatably genuine.Avery is bitter about being downgraded in his job and his finances.He's also superficial and is cheating on Connie because of her extra weight.

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Perry employs an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink mentality by trying to tackle cheating, alcoholism, spousal abuse, distrust, more cheating, money issues, ex-issues, cancer, and, of course, a last-minute hospital visit.