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Living chat sex

My husband said, ‘I’ve got Beau [our son], for the day, so you stay here and just rest and process it and work through it.' I had friends come over that brought flowers and lunch and just hung out.

It was a day that I took to really reflect on my life with MS and all that I’ve been through.

I'm still figuring out my life with it, and happy to do it with others who are feeling the same." Sigler is doing so with the help of Tecfedera, an oral treatment that can cut relapses in half.

"I was in denial, so I was sort of rebelling against it. I didn’t want to live a life thinking about MS because I wasn’t symptomatic.

Each of these disease courses might be mild, moderate or severe.

Approximately 85% of those with MS have the kind that Sigler does."I’ve been able to be petty stable for a couple years because I’ve stayed loyal to treatment." It didn't start out that way though.

"When I was diagnosed [at age 20], my doctor said, ' I don't want you to think you can't do anything that you don't want to do in this life.' MS is part of me, but it's not who I am."While most people have heard about MS, or may know someone who has it, it's still a largely misunderstood disease.

"There can be different stages of the disease, or different types of MS," Sigler points out.

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"One of my doctor’s first pieces of advice was don’t go to a chat room. Because everyone’s going to talk about how bad it is and it will make you sad and paranoid.

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