Solidworks cut list not updating

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Solidworks cut list not updating

The talk went pretty well, lots of people in the room (some Free CAD forum members were there! Thanks to FOSDEM blazing fast video processing, the recording of the talk is already available (the slides are here): Play to play the video above or watch it here Other than that, I watched a couple of talks (a big part is online already, browse here), hanged around the different booths, and because the FOSDEM is so huge, couldn't meet almost anybody I knew was there. That's it for this month, stay tuned for the Free CAD 0.17 release annoucement (or follow it on the forum), and after that, expect new BIM features to land in!

I got a bit surprised how the FOSDEM is still predominently a male event (around 95% males, my own estimation), while many IT/open source events around the world (FISL in Brazil for example) are very close to 50/50%. Hi all, First off, sorry for the delay, I was trying to finish the new Render workbench (see below) before posting this report, because otherwise there is not much exciting stuff this month, and it ended up taking more time than I thought, because I kept experimenting a lot until arriving to a good solution.

The internal organization of these files differs a bit from one to the other, but they are all pretty simple.

I think they show well the "stage" you can now reach with Free CAD easily and reliably, and extract from it all the data you need (2D drawings, decent IFC files, spreadsheets/schedules, and mesh models for rendering).

All languages are highly welcome, especially the most exotic ones (nederlands, bij voorbeeld...).

If you would lik to have a look at the files, here are House 1, House 2, and House 3.Hi everybody, Sorry about the late news again, but it would have been a pity not to include a fresh feedback from the FOSDEM that happened this weekend.So here are the main topics that happened in the last month.I often think BIM and IFC files would give much less headache if everything was simply properly named and organized.The whole cycle of placing section planes, getting 2D views from it and exporting them to DXF/DWG is now pretty straightforward and hasn't given me anymore problems recently.

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Once again, thanks a million to eveybody who helps the effort by contributing to my Patreon campaign or on Libre Pay.

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