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While the title of the blog is for today, I realize that most people will read this on a Tuesday. I am going to be giving Caregiver Beth Mondays off from now on. Add to the fact that I let the Farmer sleep in and arrived at exactly am at his house and snuck in the door.

I guess I was quiet because nobody stirred, except for the 2 kitty’s.

They saw me arrive and then begged for treats, which I gave them.

I made myself a cup of coffee, and then got Momma‘s meds ready. I took her temp, listened for “bubbles” and then gave her the meds.

When he did make his way out I had to laugh at the “girls” they both acted like they had never had any treats this morning, and he gave them a couple more.

The Farmer and I talked for a bit and I made breakfast, and then off down the road he went, he had some errands he had to do.

“When I look back on on my life, I can see the pain I’ve endured, the mistakes I’ve made and the hard times I’ve suffered. I have endured some really hard times, but who hasn’t? I’ve suffered some really cruel things, but who hasn’t? I have not always made the best of choices, and I have made a BUNCH of mistakes. I have learned something from each of those mistakes, and have learned lessons in each experience. I am a Caregiver to my Momma, because I choose to be.

While the Farmer is living it day-to-day, I do not. While, I realize that some of you have already posted this, uhm… As we knocked on the door, I dropped off the appetizer, looked at the Electrician and said barely “home” before it hit both of us.During most of my day, I received a phone call from the Nurse, who asked me if she could come over tonite, because she wanted to spend time with us tonite, before she starts back up with school next week.Knowing that I would be gone tonite with Momma, I set her and the Electrician up to have some “Daddy and Daughter and Grandson” time. I made some chili last night and tonite was what I call chili spaghetti. From what I’ve been told, the Nurse and the Electrician and Cam-Man had a good evening together. It appears there was more than one “Daddy Daughter” nite tonite.The adults played cards, while Cam-man learned, and also over indulged with several things.Chocolate Milk was Cam’s drink of choice, and chips and dip, with some chex mix thrown in for good measure.

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When I came back tonite to the Farmer’s I got busy with Momma’s closet.

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