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The one downside is that you’ll still need to power on your PS4 through other means, with Logitech explaining that Sony doesn’t allow anything but the Dual Shock 4 to turn the console on: One thing we do need to mention is, unfortunately, this update does not allow you to power your Play Station on directly – Sony does not permit any remote other than their game controller to power on the game console.

So you’ll need to turn your Play Station on first, before you sit down with your remote.

If you're a heavy DVR user, you really want those buttons to be within in easy reach of your thumb, and having the transport controls in the middle to bottom third of the remote is definitely preferable.

I think the hump helps with the ergonomics, but I also didn't mind using the touch screen to control playback with my DVR.

The other big addition is a Wi-Fi component that allows you to update your Harmony's settings on a computer (or the remote itself) and sync them wirelessly without having to tether the remote to your PC or Mac via a USB cable (as you have to do with old-school Harmony remotes, such as the ).

Moreover, Logitech also lets you use free apps for i Phone and Android phones to control your devices as well (again, over Wi-Fi), so you can use them interchangeably with the Ultimate.

Plus, its design is sleek and slightly improved from the Touch, which looks nearly identical. The 0 Ultimate also competes with the company's much more affordable package (0), which offers all the features of the Ultimate -- RF control, Bluetooth communications, and app control on i Phones and Android phones -- but instead of a touch-screen remote, it bundles in a new, very basic but slick Harmony remote with no display.

Neither RF nor Bluetooth require line-of-sight like IR, so your remote commands can literally pass through walls and doors, making the Ultimate ideal for users who have gear hidden away in closets and cabinets.

And just as importantly, having Bluetooth onboard finally gives you a powerful universal remote that's natively compatible with the IR-less Sony PS3 (and, presumably, upcoming PS4), as well as Nintendo's Wii and Wii U game consoles, which also employ Bluetooth.

To some degree, how you feel about the remote will be determined by how you feel about the touch screen, because it does replace a fair number of physical buttons.

For instance, you have to change channels by pressing virtual numbers on the touch screen.

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